Traveling to Greece with pets

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Some travelers try to leave a pet with family while they are on vacation, but there are those who prefer to take a pet to different countries. If you want to travel to Greece with animals, you need to prepare in advance. Doctors recommend to conduct worming 2-3 weeks before your journey by the vaccine, which will protect your pet from the most serious diseases. Also, be sure the animal is vaccinated against rabies — a terrible and very common illness. All vaccines should be made not later than 1 month before the upcoming trip.
You also need a veterinary passport. It is a book, where the doctor puts stamp of vaccination, and you write your notes on the health of your pet. The document must be in the proper form and print readable. Each country has the right to establish a list of required documents, for Greece it is:

  • international veterinary passport, strictly established form;
  • veterinary certificate (not earlier than 10 days before traveling abroad);
  • translation of the certificate in English or French (can be ordered in any translation agency);
  • get vaccinated against rabies (not earlier than 15 days before the departure, not later than 1 year).
  • your animal have to be chipped.

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When do you want to visit Greece?

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Greece is one of the most interesting countries in the world, which attracts tourists not only as a place of beach or outdoor activities, but also as the birthplace of the ancient culture and Olympic sports. Greece is interesting at any time of the year, but when you are planning a trip here, you should determine the purpose of the visit. Let's start from the beginning.
January and February are the months of carnivals and outdoor activities. After New Year celebrations Greece plunges into the bright and noisy recreational activities and attracts thousands of tourists. One of the most famous Greek carnivals held in the city of Kastoria, located on the shore of a picturesque lake. Within three days after the Christmas locals and visitors dance and sing in the streets and dress up in fairy-tale characters costumes. Patras Carnival kicks off in mid-January and lasts about a month. Its distinctive feature is burning huge effigies and the quest «Treasure Hunt».
You can also spend the winter months on Greek ski resorts. This kind of resorts has everything for a perfect holiday: quality road, comfortable hotels and spa treatments that allow you to completely relax. Another object of the winter visit to Greece might be shopping. Large sales, during which you can update your wardrobe with known brands clothes for a modest sum, begin after January 6 and lasts a couple of weeks.

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Youth holidays in Greece

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Youth holidays in Greece are the best opportunity to have fun. Visiting the monuments of this sunny country, looking on its natural beauty and drinking in bars, you’ll always know how to spend your time here. However, to spend your holidays in Greece in non-stop mode, you should know what kind of resorts and islands have the appropriate conditions and traditions, allowing to plunge active youth entertainment.
Santorini is one of the expensive islands where stars and businessmen like to have a rest. But there are a lot of romantic youth couples spending their honeymoon here, so islands infrastructure is quiet good for those who want to spend youth holidays here. Here you will find countless wide variety of cafes and restaurants with local cuisine, night clubs with loud music, sports centers with suggestions for professional surfers and beginners in this field. We will definitely recommend the youth to the youth to do some private tours in Athens. For example, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and an extinct volcano here.
The small town of Malia on Crete is ready to give unforgettable holidays to anyone who loves blue sea, sandy beach and active resort life. You can see tavernas, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops almost everywhere. Most of the hotels are located directly on the beach. You can visit the ruins of the Minoan palace in the archaeological center located a few kilometers from the village. Fans of outdoor activities will find all the conditions for water sports.

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